Hello, third quarter!

We’ll just finish up with a computer-aided lab activity that will bridge the gap between the circulatory system and our gas exchange (respiratory) system and it’s onward and forward to the third quarter.

Here are some vocab words for our unit on gas exchange:

  • respiratory surface
  • tracheal system
  • larynx
  • bronchi (bronchus)
  • breathing
  • vital capacity
  • partial pressure
  • dissociation curve for hemoglobin
  • ventilation
  • lungs
  • vocal cords
  • bronchioles
  • diaphragm
  • residual volume
  • respiratory pigments
  • Bohr shift
  • countercurrent exchange
  • gills
  • trachea
  • alveoli (alveolus)
  • tidal volume
  • breathing control centers
  • hemoglobin
  • carbon dioxide transport

Please make sure you know these terms during discussion.

If you have the time (and the bandwidth), here are a couple of youtube vids that could be a useful intro to human respiration.


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