Second Quarter Perio Top Scorers (and some Perio art)

to the top scorers from Cs, Li, and Mg! 😀

59 – Vince

57 – Ysy and Dem

55 – Gian, Cherry, Inah, and Ervin

54 – RC

53 – Guia, Josh, and Theia

52 – RD, Francis, Belsha, and Patti

51 – Clang, Kayla

50 – Niko, Kevin, and Jenny

Prizes will be given out in class next week. 😉

Please stay tuned for more details as we are considering lowering the divisor(!) for this Perio. UPDATE: The Perio is now over 55. Those who got 33 and above passed! 😀

In the meantime, enjoy the samples of Perio Art from Jom and DR. Cherry’s pathogen and Niko’s whimsical sketch up next.





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