Heck week.

“It’s always darkest before dawn.”

Some announcements for Perio week:

  1. The Bio 2 Perio is scheduled for Dec 7th, Friday (905-1005).
  2. Coverage: Gas exchange and the respiratory system, osmoregulation and the excretory system, thermoregulation and the integumentary system, and part of the skeletal system.
  3. Notebooks are required for those with grades below 1.75 in the second quarter. Please submit them along with your EoQ Reflections on Friday. Deadline is at 1030 AM at SHB 111.
  4. Optional Bio Review will be conducted at 1030-1130 on these two days: Dec 5th, Wed and Dec 6th, Thursday.
  5. To facilitate discussion on the integumentary system, please download the HW on skin here. You may also use the additional outline to help answer the questions. This HW is due on Monday (Dec 3) for Cs and Li and Tuesday (Dec 4) for Mg. Please study because I will be giving a short quiz to see if you understood the HW.

Some announcements

Homework on thermoregulation

I’ve summarized the important concepts regarding thermoregulation onto this word file. Your class monitor should also have a copy of this HW. Please read it and display your comprehension by creating a concept or a mind map of the ideas presented. Pictures, color-coded entries, stick figures, etc. are very welcome. Check out the Chem mind map above and the mind maps section of this page for some tips.  This is due on the first meeting of next week (Monday for Cs and Li, Tuesday for Mg).

Homework on the skeletal system

Please obtain a copy of the paper skeleton and the diagram of bones (2 sheets) from Inah of Cs. This is due on the second meeting of next week (Tuesday for Cs, Wednesday for Li, Thursday for Mg).

Long Test 2

Long Test 2 will cover osmoregulation and excretion (check out the Files section on the sidebar for the powerpoint presentation) as well as thermoregulation. Sked: Wednesday (11/28) for Li, Thursday (11/29) for Cs and Mg.

Botttoms up: Is it safe to drink your own urine?

//yellinglizard.com/wp-content/urine_small.jpgIn response to yet another question brought up in class and the continuing search for the untarnished truth, I invite you to explore the Wikipedia entry on urophagia as it is a good starting point for the issues and claims associated with the benefits and disadvantages of downing a glass of your body’s own brew.

You may also want to check out the Health Library factsheet, an article of Scientific American that debunks the myth that urinating on a jellyfish sting will cure it, and this site on urine therapy that lists the contents of urine (and has an interesting graphic :D).

Investigating Osmotic Homeostasis in Fishes: A Lab Report

Tips on the Style of the Lab Report

  • Download the Style Sheet here. Read it and follow the guidelines.
  • This is the Laboratory Activity #3.
  • The following points cannot be stressed enough:
    • Be brief and concise.
    • Paraphrase and use in-text citations, teachers know Google too!
    • Submit your data sheet with the teacher’s signature.
    • Label all figures and tables!
    • Use at least 2 book references APART from the Bio textbooks and CITE these properly (APA citation). Avoid using Wikipedia and other tertiary sources.

Tips on the Content

  • Integrate your discussion of the results with the analysis! Discuss these two questions fully (in light of the results of your experiment): 1.) Compare the appearance of the saltwater (maya maya or snapper) and freshwater (tilapia) fish extracts after adding the silver nitrate. 2.) What can you infer from this result about the ability of freshwater and saltwater fishes to maintain homeostasis? 3.) What must a freshwater fish do to maintain homeostasis? How would these activities differ in a saltwater fish?
  • If your actual data did not agree with the “theoretical” data, provide explanations/possible sources of error/suggestions for improvement.
  • You may discuss the adaptations of euryhaline osmoregulators such as salmon for additional points under Part IV.

Final Reminder

Submit on time, late lab reports, will NOT be graded! Deadlines: Cs, Li – Monday, Nov 19 and Mg – Tuesday, Nov 20.