Botttoms up: Is it safe to drink your own urine?

// response to yet another question brought up in class and the continuing search for the untarnished truth, I invite you to explore the Wikipedia entry on urophagia as it is a good starting point for the issues and claims associated with the benefits and disadvantages of downing a glass of your body’s own brew.

You may also want to check out the Health Library factsheet, an article of Scientific American that debunks the myth that urinating on a jellyfish sting will cure it, and this site on urine therapy that lists the contents of urine (and has an interesting graphic :D).


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  1. ma’am, that picture makes me cringe. imagine drinking your own pee. x_x weee. just had to comment, ma’am. 🙂 oh and yeah nga pala, i did read up on something before. during this earthquake in the ’90s, some of the children stuck under rubble and slabs of concrete walls of their school had to eat paper and drink their own urine to survive until they were rescued. uh.. x_x

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