Investigating Osmotic Homeostasis in Fishes: A Lab Report

Tips on the Style of the Lab Report

  • Download the Style Sheet here. Read it and follow the guidelines.
  • This is the Laboratory Activity #3.
  • The following points cannot be stressed enough:
    • Be brief and concise.
    • Paraphrase and use in-text citations, teachers know Google too!
    • Submit your data sheet with the teacher’s signature.
    • Label all figures and tables!
    • Use at least 2 book references APART from the Bio textbooks and CITE these properly (APA citation). Avoid using Wikipedia and other tertiary sources.

Tips on the Content

  • Integrate your discussion of the results with the analysis! Discuss these two questions fully (in light of the results of your experiment): 1.) Compare the appearance of the saltwater (maya maya or snapper) and freshwater (tilapia) fish extracts after adding the silver nitrate. 2.) What can you infer from this result about the ability of freshwater and saltwater fishes to maintain homeostasis? 3.) What must a freshwater fish do to maintain homeostasis? How would these activities differ in a saltwater fish?
  • If your actual data did not agree with the “theoretical” data, provide explanations/possible sources of error/suggestions for improvement.
  • You may discuss the adaptations of euryhaline osmoregulators such as salmon for additional points under Part IV.

Final Reminder

Submit on time, late lab reports, will NOT be graded! Deadlines: Cs, Li – Monday, Nov 19 and Mg – Tuesday, Nov 20.


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