Heck week.

“It’s always darkest before dawn.”

Some announcements for Perio week:

  1. The Bio 2 Perio is scheduled for Dec 7th, Friday (905-1005).
  2. Coverage: Gas exchange and the respiratory system, osmoregulation and the excretory system, thermoregulation and the integumentary system, and part of the skeletal system.
  3. Notebooks are required for those with grades below 1.75 in the second quarter. Please submit them along with your EoQ Reflections on Friday. Deadline is at 1030 AM at SHB 111.
  4. Optional Bio Review will be conducted at 1030-1130 on these two days: Dec 5th, Wed and Dec 6th, Thursday.
  5. To facilitate discussion on the integumentary system, please download the HW on skin here. You may also use the additional outline to help answer the questions. This HW is due on Monday (Dec 3) for Cs and Li and Tuesday (Dec 4) for Mg. Please study because I will be giving a short quiz to see if you understood the HW.

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