Perio scores

HPS is 60/60. Passing score is 36/60.

Congratulations to the top-notchers:

58 – RD

57 – OJ

56 – Ervin

55 – Patty and Vince

54 – Guia, Gian, Niko, and Josh

53 – Alexis and Jut

52 – RC and John

51 – Isay, Kayla, and Kevs


Third quarter EoQ reflections

This is for those who were unable to pass the questions along with their notebooks. Please comment on this entry.

  1. What was your favorite topic this quarter?
  2. Which misconceptions were corrected?
  3. What questions do you have regarding the topics discussed?
  4. What concepts were you able to apply?
  5. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

Today is haiku day

Some timely “bio-inspired” haikus:

Icy cold places;
the body cannoth be moved,
shiver to survive.
– Allen

My body is hot
Then it thermoregulates
I am hot no more.
– Gian

The air is freezing.
My face is pale and clammy.
But my core is warm.
– Ricky

It is too hot here.
The temperature is high,
I vasodilate.
– Erin

Birds and insects, gone.
Bear cubs cuddle up in caves.
Silence abounds here.
– Niko

To Someplace Else
Everyone took off,
The sound of their flapping wings
Saying, “I shall return.”
– Niko

Eating salty food
without drinking much water
will make kidney stones.
– John

Look at my nephron
It’s juxtamedullary
Don’t know what that means.
– DR

solutes and water
through osmoregulation
form inner balance
– Janglo

If you were in blood,
my kidneys would filter out
everything but you.
– Kate

The glomerulus
is not enough to eject
you from my system.
– Kate

Skeletal System
It helps hold my pen
Strong as stone, lighter than steel
Truly, humerus.
– August

Skeleton and bones
Foundation of the body
Not a self-portrait.
– Isay