Today is haiku day

Some timely “bio-inspired” haikus:

Icy cold places;
the body cannoth be moved,
shiver to survive.
– Allen

My body is hot
Then it thermoregulates
I am hot no more.
– Gian

The air is freezing.
My face is pale and clammy.
But my core is warm.
– Ricky

It is too hot here.
The temperature is high,
I vasodilate.
– Erin

Birds and insects, gone.
Bear cubs cuddle up in caves.
Silence abounds here.
– Niko

To Someplace Else
Everyone took off,
The sound of their flapping wings
Saying, “I shall return.”
– Niko

Eating salty food
without drinking much water
will make kidney stones.
– John

Look at my nephron
It’s juxtamedullary
Don’t know what that means.
– DR

solutes and water
through osmoregulation
form inner balance
– Janglo

If you were in blood,
my kidneys would filter out
everything but you.
– Kate

The glomerulus
is not enough to eject
you from my system.
– Kate

Skeletal System
It helps hold my pen
Strong as stone, lighter than steel
Truly, humerus.
– August

Skeleton and bones
Foundation of the body
Not a self-portrait.
– Isay



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