Third quarter EoQ reflections

This is for those who were unable to pass the questions along with their notebooks. Please comment on this entry.

  1. What was your favorite topic this quarter?
  2. Which misconceptions were corrected?
  3. What questions do you have regarding the topics discussed?
  4. What concepts were you able to apply?
  5. Do you have any comments or suggestions?


  1. favorite topic: respiratory system 8D, because I don’t like excretion >..<
    questions: Why is it that a babies’ feces is greenish? O_o
    concepts applied: I know now that I can’t die even if I force myself not to breathe 8D yay 8D
    comments/suggestions: none

  2. fave topic? thermoregulation
    misconceptions? that there are soft bones
    questions? i have no questions. awwww.
    concepts? when i grow up, i will avoid drinking alcohol because it can make us younger. you will pee in bed.
    comments? suggestions? aww. none.

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