Presentation on the Muscular System

You may download the presentation on the muscular system here. Please view the movies on the sliding filament theory to check your understanding of the concepts.

Other files used in class (especially the flash animations) may be downloaded from the links given in the earlier post on the muscular system. If you’re having difficulty, email or ym me. 😉

Other announcements:

  • Prepare for a quiz on the Muscular System this week.
  • LT 1 on the Muscular and Nervous Systems will be on Th next week so that’s Feb 7.
  • Bio 2 critique is due on Wed this week, Jan 30.
  • Achievement Test will be on Feb 11-13. This is equivalent to ONE LT. Coverage: All Bio 2 lessons until the Nervous System.

Bio Vids Online! (part 2)

View the many variations on the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction:





I am still trying to compress the other submitted videos so check back from time to time. 😉


Bio Vids Online!

After ten years (or what felt like it), I’ve finally uploaded your videos to my youtube account.

Enjoy your respiratory system videos:

Common cold



Lung Cancer




Ready for a workout?


The following resources might help you review some of the topics associated with the muscular system:

1. Three types of muscles: cardiac, skeletal, and smooth

2. Structure of skeletal muscle

3. Interactive flash file of muscle structure and contraction (slightly detail-heavy)

4. The sliding filament theory explained

5. “3d” animation of actin-myosin cross-bridge formation

6. Bonus: a muscle game from BBC Science


Bone formation

// skeletal system presentation with the bone formation slides is available here.

You may also view a clip explaining bone formation and the flash animation showing the action of osteoclasts, osteoblasts, and the formation of osteocytes upon bone fracture.