The rest of the presentations

  1. Sensory Mechanisms Presentation
  2. Plant Hormones Presentation
  3. Endocrine System Presentation

Life’s greatest miracle


As the final lesson for this year, we will be talking about reproduction and development.

As an introduction to this, those with broadband connections can view the PBS movies on Life’s Greatest Miracle (you will never look at the beach the same way again) but you will need either Quicktime or Realplayer to view the movies. A look at the role of reproduction in evolution can be found here.


First and Second Quarter Files

For your cramming pleasure: 😛

  1. Multicellularity and the Volvocine Series
  2. Plant Tissues
  3. Animal Tissues
  4. Bioenergetics and Digestion in Lower Forms
  5. Human Digestion
  6. Circulatory System (Part 1)
  7. Circulatory System (Part 2)

Visit the archives to hunt for the other systems. Of course, reading the summary section of the appropriate chapter from your Bio textbook works too. 😉

Presentation on the Nervous System

You may download the nervous system presentation here.

For my sections, the first long test will just cover the muscular system and what we were able to discuss of the nervous system. Bonus questions will be gotten from the brain HW.

Other resources include flash files on the following topics:

  1. Action potential
  2. Comparing saltatory conduction with non-myelinated axonal conduction
  3. Neurotransmitters at a synapse

Happy studying! 😛