Requirements for Clearance in Biology – 2

(Clearance Period: 24-29 March 2008)

1) Dissect a frog and identify its parts.

2) Clean the area assigned to your section (see table below for more details) and note down any cabinets, tables, sinks, etc. in need of repair. Bring your own cleaning materials. Schedule of cleaning is on Monday, March 24th.

3) Claim your notebooks and group lab boxes. You may choose to donate the materials in your lab boxes to Ms. Dela Cruz, our lab technician.

4) Submit your EOQ Reflections if you haven’t yet (on pad paper for Ms. Docto’s classes, as a comment on the blogsite for Ms. Crisologo’s classes).

5) Obtain Ms. Dela Cruz’s signature (return borrowed lab materials/replace if lost).

6) Submit an ID Picture for the Student Data Sheet (for Ms. Docto’s classes).

7) Claim the Prizes for Junk Art and 50% of the proceeds (for classes that participated during YMSAT week only).



Area Assigned

Schedule for clean-up on Mar 24th (M)


cabinets II, back area

9 – 10


table 4 + chairs, cabinets I

10 – 11


table 5 + chairs, floor

11 – 12


table 6 + chairs, sink 5

1 – 2


table 3 + chairs, sink 4

10 – 11


table 2 + chairs, sink 3



table 1 + chairs, sink 2



sink 1, teacher’s table, blackboard


Have a blessed holy week, everyone!


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