Format for writing individual research briefs

Individual Research Briefs (Be and K)



A. Real Life Problem/Question Being Addressed

  • Maximum of 3 sentences on the real-life problem and its significance in our lives

B. Solution/Hypothesis

  • Maximum of 5 sentences on your proposed solution including 1) why you think it will work and 2) why it is practical to perform given your resources.

C. Major Objectives

  • 2-5 goals you plan to achieve in your study
  • What data do you need to gather/tests do you need to perform to say that your proposed solution is effective?

D. Specifications/Minor Objectives

  • Break each major objective down into at least 2 measurable minor objectives/specifications.

E. Bibliography


  • Please legibly handwrite/type on a sheet of short bond paper (1” margins, Times New Roman, size 11, double-spaced).
  • Online submissions may be made to my email address. Please format your filenames as Name – Research Brief#.doc (e.g. Crisologo – Research Brief 1.doc). Your subject must be “Research Brief#”.
  • Deadline for the 1st Research Brief is Friday, June 27, 4PM at the STR unit for hard copies, 11:59PM for email submissions.


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