Long Test 1 Files and Quicklinks

It’s that time of the quarter again. Please bring your notebooks on LT day: Thursday for Cs and Friday for Rb. Be sure to accomplish the exam format specified on the bulletin board BEFORE the actual exam.

Study smart!

  • Coverage of the exam in order of decreasing importance: Digestive System, Tissues, Multicellularity and the Volvocine Series, Hierarchy of Biological Organization, and Lab Activities
  • Type of exam: Multiple Choice, Odd-Man Out, Modified True or False, and Short Answers Only

For your cramming reviewing pleasure:

  1. Hierarchy of Biological Organization
  2. Volvocine Series and Multicellularity
  3. Plant Tissues
  4. Animal Tissues
  5. DIgestion in Lower Forms
  6. Digestion in Man

I am also available for online consultation if you need help. 🙂 Just add up my ym id!


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