Critique Guidelines


  1. Is the topic original or does the project present an original variation to a commonly done project?
  2. Is the title descriptive without being too wordy?
  3. Is the real-life problem significant?
  4. Is there enough evidence to show that the proposed solution will work?
  5. Are all of the objectives clearly listed?
  6. Are the objectives clearly measurable?
  7. Is it possible to control factors that might influence the data that is collected during the experiment, so that they do not interfere with the results?
  8. Is the experiment safe to perform?
  9. Are the materials and equipment needed for the project easy to obtain?
  10. Is it possible to accomplish the project in six months or less?
  11. Are there at least 3 printed sources or articles from scientific journals that can be found on the subject?
  12. Do each of the sources include all the information necessary to identify the source?
  13. Has the proper format been followed for each of the sources?
  14. Has the student used proper spelling and grammar?

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