Writing the Title and Introduction


We definitely do not want to be like Calvin in writing the scientific papers required for STR. I am glad to observe that most of you have grasped the basics of scientific writing and I’d like for that to continue and improve.

Our next writing exercise is to improve the title of your proposed topic and convert a chosen Research Brief into an Introduction. In this connection, please produce an individual write-up: 1.5 spaced, 1-inch margins, size 11 TNR font, maximum of 3 pages (separate from the Biblio page of the write-up).

The criteria for a good Title is as follows:

  1. Is the title a complete, concise, and accurate description of the project?
  2. Does it include words that clearly define the project and make it easy to reference?
  3. Are the variables to be studied/processes or gadgets to be developed clearly stated?
  4. Is it 15 words or less (excluding scientific names)?

The criteria for a good Introduction is:

A. Background of the Study

  1. Is the origin of the research clearly described (RLP)?
  2. Have relevant solutions/studies related to the research been described?
  3. Have these studies been properly cited (in-text, with accompanying bibliographic entry)?

B. Statement of the Problem

  1. Is the purpose of the research/the proposed solution clearly stated?
  2. Are the major and minor objectives stated completely?

C. Significance of the Study

  1. Is the relevance/importance of the project clearly stated?
  2. Are future uses/practical benefits of the results mentioned?

D. Scope and Limitations of the Study

  1. Is the scope of the research investigation clearly stated?
  2. Are the nature of the variables used, their number, the treatments they received. etc. clearly defined?

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