The cell membrane and drinking seawater

This is in response to some questions from Cs that I would like to clarify. ๐Ÿ™‚

For Joel, here’s a picture of a cell membrane showing the location of cholesterol. They’re the yellow structures in the hydrophobic area of the cell membrane.:

Next, in answer to Mickey’s query about the function of peripheral proteins: aside from playing a role in cell-signalling, some are enzymes that help in the production of components of the cell membrane, some facilitate binding of proteins or other lipids to the cell membrane, others transport small molecules and recognize them, etc. Click to learn more.

Lastly, in response to Mica’s question on drinking seawater and Borgy’s follow-up on the work the kidneys have to do: one of the main functions of the kidney is to keep the blood at a certain concentration. If this rises (as will happen if we drink seawater), the kidneys are taxed to remove the salt from the blood and concentrate it in our urine. However, the kidneys cannot concentrate it to levels that are higher than our blood concentration so more consumption will lead to blood toxicity, interfere with nerve conduction, and eventually, death. Click to learn more



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