Announcements and Resources on Cellular and Plant Transport

We will have our Long Test 2 on July 24, Th (Cs) and July 25, F (Rb). Format is posted on the Bio bulletin board. Please accomplish this before the exam.

Pig’s heart dissection (still part of the first quarter grade) will happen the first meeting after the Perio (Aug 4, M for Cs and Aug 6, W for Rb). You are required to bring 1 fresh pig’s heart per lab group, lab gowns, and dissecting materials.

Pig’s hearts can be obtained from meat dealers at the wet market. Expect to pay less than P70 per heart. Please visit the meat vendor a couple of days before you intend to buy the hearts and reserve the number of hearts you need.

Some resources on Cellular and Plant Transport:

Download the presentation here. View online by clicking the slideshow below.

View the excerpt on plant transport from David Attenborough’s Private Life of Plants docu below.

Other links:


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