Cs and Rb Results for LT2 and Q+LT Totals

LT 2 was generally tougher than LT1. Congratulations to those of you who made it! This table shows your totals for Quizzes and Long Tests which amounts to 35% of your grade. Please note that I haven’t factored in the + 1 for the first long test yet (for Rb) and the corrections for the second long test (+1 for Josh and Mica).

Aiming for a better grade? Don’t lose hope! Your lab acts and class activities are worth 20% so if you’ve submitted the pre-lab, good output for lab acts, concept map, and the food calorie exercise, you’ll have a good grade in this component.

Don’t forget class participation: 8% for the reci points, 8% for the HW, and 4% for the notebook grade. You can still get a perfect score for the end-of-quarter check (NB’s due at 10:30AM on July 29 at rm 111) by doing the following:

  • making sure you have complete notes
  • answering the EOQ reflections
  1. What was your favorite topic this quarter?
  2. Which misconceptions were corrected?
  3. What questions do you have regarding the topics discussed?
  4. What concepts were you able to apply?
  5. Do you have any comments or suggestions?
  • submitting your envelope with checked quizzes and LT’s and your parents’ signatures
  • including your copy of the course outline in your notebooks

The perio is coming up (T, 910-1010 AM). This is 25% of the grade and is a multiple choice exam. The bulk of the perio is on digestion and transport with a good number of items on tissues and the evolution of multicellularity. Don’t forget to review the levels of biological organization. Again, the coverage will only be until the heart design in vertebrates.

Comment on this entry for any questions or clarifications. Good luck and God bless! 🙂



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