Bonus Reci points for Cs and Rb

Earn a maximum of 11 Reci points! I have set 15 reci points as the perfect score for the quarter. Submit on the day of the Bio Periodic Exam along with your EOQReflections. Include your references.

  1. Why do veins appear blue?
  2. What is your blood pressure? (Have the person who took your blood pressure sign your notebook/answer sheet.)
  3. What are the three branches of the aorta?
  4. What are the three most significant effects of nicotine on the body?
  5. Why is too much oxygen bad for the body?
  6. Describe three other oxygen-binding proteins and the organisms in which they can be found.
  7. What causes carbon monoxide poisoning?
  8. Describe Edward Jenner’s biggest contribution to studies on active immunity.
  9. What are the major advantages/disadvantages of antibiotic use?
  10. What diseases have you been vaccinated against? (Have your parent sign on your answer sheet/notebook.)
  11. Play a game on and write your high score. Play the blood typing game at and write the three blood types of the patients involved.

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