Cs and Rb LT2 Results

Study well for the Periodic Exams. It has more items than last quarter’s and is not solely multiple choice. o_0  Perio will cover all LT1 and LT2 topics.

Those with grades below 1.75 are required to submit notebooks on the Bio Perio day (Thursday) at 1030AM outside the Bio Unit. Everyone is required to submit EOQ Reflections. Those who are not submitting their notebooks can write their EOQR’s on a sheet of paper.

  1. What was your favorite topic this quarter?
  2. Which misconceptions were corrected?
  3. What questions do you have regarding the topics discussed?
  4. What concepts were you able to apply?

I am free in the afternoons for consultation. Please feel free to consult with me, esp. for those who have grades of 2.50 and below.


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