Bio Newsbits

Just some breaking news from the forefront of science:

  1. UK electrophysiologists have created a microgenerator that could enable artificial pacemakers to be powered by the heart
  2. Formation of five key blood proteins may serve as an early warning device prior to a heart attack
  3. Some results of the deep sea census are in, check out some of the amazing finds from the unexplored ocean depths


Presentations and Thermoregulation HW

Hi all, sorry for not being to meet you for the first few days of this week, been recovering from (what we hope is) the ‘flu. Anyway, here’s an HW to facilitate our next lesson, thermoregulation as well the presentations I’ll be using for the excretory system and thermoregulation.

I’ve summarized the important concepts regarding thermoregulation onto this word file. I will give your class monitor a copy of this HW tomorrow. Please read it and display your comprehension by creating a concept or a mind map of the ideas presented. Pictures, color-coded entries, stick figures, etc. are very welcome. Check out the Chem mind map above and the mind maps section of this page for some tips.  This is due on Monday for Cs and Tuesday for Rb.