LT2 Resources

*Thanks for bringing the non-working link to Presentation 15 to my attention, Mika. It’s now reuploaded and should work well. Sorry for the hassle.*

Thermoregulation and Integumentary System as well as Skeletal System presentations can be found two posts down.

  1. Integumentary System Outline (doc file)
  2. Skeletal Muscle Structure and Sliding Filament Theory (doc file)
  3. Presentation 15 – Musculoskeletal System (Part II)

Other links to animations and videos:

  1. Bone formation
  2. Whole muscle structure (requires real player)
  3. Muscle fiber and myofibril structure (swf file)
  4. Sliding filament theory (swf file)
  5. Howstuffworks version of muscles (keep clicking)

You may email me any questions you have while reviewing and I’ll answer them by 2am tomorrow. Good luck!


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