Important dates/deadlines

Feb 4 (W, during class time) – Brain HW (can be obtained from the photocopier)

Feb 9 (M, before 4PM) – Submission of answers to the “Life’s Greatest Miracle” film, may be emailed to me as well

Feb 10 (T, before 10PM) – Formal lab report on plant hormones (per group). May be emailed to me. Please follow the guidelines in the style sheet. The following guidelines cannot be stressed enough:

– Be brief and concise.

– Report class data and answer ALL the guide questions. Please perform appropriate statistical methods to confirm if your data has significant differences per set-up.
– Paraphrase and use in-text citations, teachers know how to use Google too!
– Submit your data sheet with the teacher’s signature.
– Label all figures and tables!
– Use at least 2 book references APART from the Bio textbooks and CITE these properly (APA citation).
– Avoid using Wikipedia and other tertiary sources.

Feb 11 – 13 (W-F) – Achievement Test (counts as part of the LT/Q component of the grade)

Feb 19/20 (Th/F) – LT 1 for Cs and Rb (coverage: Nervous System > Plant Hormones > Sensory Mechanisms)

Mar 5/6 (Th/F) – LT2 for Cs and Rb (coverage: Animal Hormones and Reproductive System)

Mar 9-11 (M-W) – 4th Periodic Exam

Mar 12/13 (Th/F) – Frog Dissection


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