This is an optional group activity for Cs and Rb. You may accomplish this with your Bio groupmates. This is due on Mar 16th, M. You may submit via email.

In the course of our study of Anatomy and Physiology, we have studied different ways that form fits function, especially in the human body. Far from being impressed, some of us may have thought: “Hey, that’s so inefficient, wouldn’t it be better if…”

Admittedly, the evolutionary process is far from perfect and we can see all these imperfections present in the design of the human body. In this group activity, the goal is to redesign up to three specific areas of the human body in order to make humans that are “built to last.” Please read the link to an article on The Scientist on this topic as well as a pdf file from Scientific American here. You cannot use any of the fixes featured in the articles.

You can submit a diagram or drawing or an essay that contains the following points:

1) Specific design problem (e.g. varicose veins in the legs)

2) Proposed solution or fix (e.g. more valves in the leg veins)

3) Pros and cons of the proposed solution or fix


Each plausibly redesigned part is worth +5 recitation points. 🙂 Bonus bonus points will be given to extremely well-designed parts and creative but probable solutions to problems.


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