Introduction to Research and Medicine Man

Hi Mg kids, you can download the Introduction to Research presentation here (pdf format) or view it below:

Medicine man reaction paper guidelines and reminders

Guide Questions:

  1. What is the research activity being conducted in the movie? (2pts)
  2. How did the way the research was conducted in the movie fit with the definitions given in class? (2pts)
  3. How were the basic characteristics of research shown or not shown in the movie? Could they have been improved? How? (9pts)
  4. What good practices in conducting a research were shown in the movie? (3pts)
  5. What are the not so good and/or bad practices shown in movie? (2pts)
  6. What impact does the film have on you as a researcher? (3pts)
  7. Classify the research based on objectives/use of results. Justify your answer. (2pts)
  8. Classify the research based on the condition of the study. Justify your answer. (2pts)


  • This is 10% of your first quarter grade
  • Make your review concise but meaningful. Present your answers in essay format and NOT Q&A.
  • Do not review the technical aspects of the movie (script, acting, etc.): stick to the guide questions.
  • Due on June 22 (M) at 9 pm. Paper submissions should be placed in my tray at the STR unit (between SHB 113 and SHB 115). Online submissions may be made to on or before the deadline. Use “Medicine Man” as the subject of your email. File names should be in this format: Name – Section.doc

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