So sorry for the lack of updates (esp. to my STR students). Have had a lot of trouble with my internet and email. Anyway, things seem to be working fine now so expect a barrage of email from me in the next few hours.

For my Bio 2 students, here’s the presentation on Bioenergetics and Digestion (pdf). It can be viewed below

and our discussion on human digestion may be previewed by looking at

Thanks for your patience!


Bio and STR announcements for the long weekend

Bio homework (to be submitted during the first meeting) can be downloaded here. Your approved Mythbusters team proposals should still be in by this Friday (email to

STR research brief 1 will be returned today (sorry for the delay, just got my computer to work). Revisions can be submitted until Monday. Research brief 2 is still due this Friday.

Thanks and try to get some rest over the vacation. 🙂

Presentations on tissues and some reminders

Plant tissues

Animal tissues

Reminders for next week:

  1. Results and discussion for the Lab Activity 1 is due next week (T for Li and Sr, W for K). You may get a copy of the guide questions here.
  2. Mythbusters proposal is also due next week. Approved proposals must be in by Friday. Include the following information in your proposal:
  • Title
  • Myth/notion to be proven or debunked (must be related to either the digestive or circulatory systems)
  • Scientific basis/procedures/processes to be used in testing
  • 3 reliable references
  • Chosen medium (video/animation/presentation/poster/website)