Reminders for Mg

RRL Reference List (due Sept 3, Thurs)

  1. Computerize the APA citations of your sources.
  2. Alphabetize according to the first letter of the citation.
  3. Observe proper italicization, capitalization, and indentation.
  4. Send your file to my email address using the file name “Lastname – RefList.doc

Individual RRL Write-up (due Sept 7, Mon)

  1. Convert your RRL summary into an individual RRL.
  2. If your RRL summary lacks some facts, please look them up and add them to make your RRL more comprehensive. Don’t forget to cite your references by adding them to the Reference List and using in-text citations.
  3. Use your main topic as the title of the RRL.
  4. Write in-text citations properly.
  5. Send your file to my email address using the file name “Lastname – IndivRRL.doc
  6. This is 15% of the second quarter grade and will be graded according to the following criteria:
  • Content
    • coverage of discussion
      • general information        5
      • conceptual framework        8
      • procedures/processes        8
      • past researches/current trends    5
    • relevance of topics to project        5
    • thoroughness of discussions        8
    • clarity of discussions            5
  • Organization and Style
    • discussion flow                8
    • appropriate use of words        5
    • proper citation of sources        8


You can download a sample RRL and Reference List from one of my classes last year here.


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