Materials and Methods

Hi Mg, your group Mat and Met is due on Oct 2nd. Please name your files “Group # –  Materials and Methods.doc” then email them to the usual address. Check out the portion on Writing the Materials and Methods for the Research Proposal here and download a full-length sample from one of my classes last year here.

This is the guide I’ll be using to rate your Mat and Met.


Process Flowchart (5 pts)
process labels appropriate        2
clear direction/seq of processes        2
completeness of processess        1

Process Description (45 pts)

process summary        2

Detail of process description

  • materials (source, qty, specs)    2
  • equipment (description, source)    2
  • workplace    2
  • data gathering procedure    3

Control setups defined        2
Treatment definition (indep variables)        2
Evidence of randomization        2

Correct local control        2
Sufficient replication        2
Def’n of extraneous variables        3
Identification of dependent variables        3
Chronology of procedures        3
Correct activity descriptions/labels        3
Appropriate procedures used        3
Treatment of data described        3
No unnecessary details        1
Appropriate words used        1
Fluidity of thought        1
Overall implementability        3


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