Bio 2 reminders for perio week

The Bio 2 Perio is on Oct 14th, W. It is the second test of the day, after Math4. 🙂

Study smart! The exam is mostly multiple choice so do not be fooled by the tricky choices. Read each question carefully but do not overthink. ‘Wag magshotgun, gumamit ng sniper rifle.

The coverage according to weight is: Vertebrate and Human Circulation, Gas Exchange and Transport >>Plant and Animal Transport and Digestion>>Biological Organization, Multicellularity, and Tissues. All presentations are available in the Downloads tab and guide questions can be accessed here and here.

Notebooks will be checked on Oct 14th as well. Please place them in the trays that will be provided for your class. I will be collecting the trays at 1030AM. Include the EOQReflections below, these count for 5 points of your NB score for the third collection:

  1. What was your favorite topic this semester? Why?
  2. Which misconceptions did you have that were corrected by discussions or activities?
  3. What other questions/clarifications do you have on the topics discussed?
  4. Which concepts were you able to appreciate/apply?
  5. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate your contribution to your lab group and your contribution to your Mythbusters team. Justify your rating.

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