Bio 2 reminders

  1. Please check your inboxes (for those who submitted via email)/check out the  document file in front of my cubicle at the Bio unit (for those who submitted hard copies) for your mythbusters proposals. Most of the proposals were approved, although some need clarifications esp. regarding their procedures. Go ahead and start working on them. Shout-out to Sr02 and 06 (Albao, Calubad, Dizon, Sarmiento, Villanueva, and Deximo): I cannot find your proposal in my inbox. Please resend ASAP.
  2. Everyone is required to submit the EOQRs (either via email or in their NB’s):
  • What was your favorite topic this quarter? Why?
  • Which misconceptions were corrected?
  • What concepts were you able to apply?
  • What questions do you have regarding the topics discussed?

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