A.  Analysis of the Research Project

  1. What is the real life problem being addressed by the project?  State your assessment of the plausibility of the real life problem being presented by the researchers.
  2. What was the major objective of the researchers?  Did it address the RLP?
  3. What are minor objectives of the study? Do they contribute to the accomplishment of the major objective? What significance do they play in strengthening the conclusions towards the end of the project execution?
  4. Research Design
    1. What are the control and experimental setups done in the study?  Are they sufficient for coming up with reliable data for the project?
    2. What are the independent, dependent and extraneous variables?  Are they correctly identified in the research methodology?  What other variables, if any, should have been included in the conduct of the research?
    3. How was the data gathering procedure done?  Are enough quantitative information generated?  Were the procedures used for data gathering reliable?  What improvements, if any, could be done in the procedure?
  5. Are the conclusions made by the researchers reflective of the information generated in the research process?  How well did it address the real life problem presented?

B. Presentation of the Project

  1. Is the information in the poster enough to be able to understand the project without consulting with the researchers?  Identify the good points and the bad points of the poster in terms of content, and suggest ways to improve the contents.
  2. Are the contents of the poster readable?  Identify the good and bad points in terms of visual effects of the poster, and suggest ways to improve the poster.
  3. Were the researchers accommodating in answering questions?  Did they answer the questions posed satisfactorily?

Format of submission: (this may be submitted via email with the file name Surname1 Surname2 – Critique.doc)



<Title of Project being Critiqued>

<Group Code>

<Researchers’ Names>


The critique should be in essay form, using the above as guide questions for the content.  Divide the discussions into two major parts (A and B, as stated above).  The discussion within each section is free style.

Submission may be handwritten or computerized, but should be double spaced and on bond paper of size 8.5 x 11”.


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