Plant Hormone Experiment Mat and Met


A. Root initiation
The ten mongo seeds in the cotyledonary stage, germinated for around five days, were prepared by the group. The roots, including the portion of the stem that is whitish, were cut off. 50ml of a 10ppm IAA (indole acetic acid) was placed into one small beaker. The other beaker was filled with 50ml distilled water. Aluminum paper was used to cover the two beakers, and was drilled with five well-spaced holes for each beaker. De-rooted seedlings were inserted through the holes, and 2-3cm of each was immersed in the solution. The beakers were left inside the room and were observed 4-5 days after.

B. Stem Elongation
A thin layer of washed sand was placed into four 400-ml (or 600-ml) beakers. One beaker was saturated with 20ml of 1 pap GA3 (gibberellic acid) solution; the second with 20ml of 10ppm GA3 solution; the third with 20ml of 100ppm GA3 solution; and the fourth with 20ml distilled water. Each beaker was seeded with ten germinating mongo seeds, germinated for around four days. Petri dish lids were used to cover each beaker. After five days, the length of the stems of the plants were measured and compared.

C. Germination Inhibitor
The bottoms of four finger bowls were lined with filter paper. The first bowl was introduced with 10ml crude papaya extract (full concentration); the second with 10ml of 50% aqueous papaya extract; the third with 10ml of 25% aqueous papaya extract; and the fourth, with 10ml distilled water. Each beaker was seeded with 20 mongo seeds that were previously soaked for one hour. After around 3-4 days, the number of seeds germinated (seeds with more than 11mm-long radicles being considered germinated) was recorded.

D. Fruit Ripening
Three resealable bags were prepared. Three unripe bananas were placed inside each bag. One bag was placed with one overripe apple; the second with two overripe apples; and the third with none. The bags were resealed and were left for 3-7 days. The rate of fruit ripening was then observed.


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