New stuff in the Downloads tab for you!

Bio 2

Have uploaded all tissue presentations and guide q’s for the lab output due one week from the date the activity was performed (Th for Na and F for my other sections). Please prepare for a quiz on tissues next meeting.

Bio 3

Have updated the cell cycle presentation to include regulation and cancer. Please review for a quiz after we finish watching the film next meeting. Also note that our first LT will be on Tues, July 6.

Am currently working on the slideshare versions of my presentations so check back after a bit. Thanks and have a great weekend! 🙂


Downloading Bio Resources

Please check the Downloads tab for the slideshows used in class 🙂

The Interphase song

Some links to animations for my Bio3 class

  1. Cell cycle overview (Harvard Outreach) – shown in class
  2. Mitosis and cytokinesis (McGraw Hill) – shown in class
  3. Mitosis animation (Sinauer Assoc) – good summary at the end
  4. Animal cell mitosis animation (Cells Alive!)
  5. Simple mitosis animation (John Kyrk)