[Bio2] Mythbusters Proposal and Project

It’s time to think about your mythbusters project. You have the freedom to group yourselves into teams of 6 members each. Please let me know this week who your teammates will be. Then decide which notion you want to explore and create the proposal. Proposal deadline is Friday, July 16 and the finished project is due on Friday, July 30. You can submit via email to toledo98@yahoo.com. If you need to bring electronic gadgets to school, please fill up the Object Permit Form from the DO and have me sign it.

Mythbusters Proposal format

  • Title – catchy and related to the project
  • Notion to be proven or debunked – must be related to either the digestive or circulatory systems, clearly stated, and an existing notion (‘di gawa-gawa lang)
  • Scientific basis/procedures/processes to be used in testing – will you be doing a simple experiment? consulting with an expert? doing a literature search or a survey?
  • 3 reliable references – NOT wikipedia, include at least one scientific journal source
  • Chosen medium (video/animation/presentation/poster/website) – note that videos or animations should not take more than 5 minutes

Some resources that you can explore to get ideas:

  1. MedicineNet’s slideshow on digestive diseases
  2. What color is blood? A video documentary
  3. A hodgepodge of common misconceptions
  4. Snopes.com’s medical misconceptions

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