[Bio 2 and 3] End of the Quarter Reflections

Please submit your EOQR’s/guide questions/notebooks 30 minutes after the Perio.. For Bio 2, please submit to the Bio Unit and for Bio 3, please submit at SHB109. Alternatively, you can also email your answers.

1. Favorite topic/least favorite topic and why.
2. Misconceptions corrected
3. Concepts applied
4. Further questions
5. Share a recent discovery about the topics discussed this quarter.

[Bio2] Play games, earn reci points

You can answer any or all for 1 point apiece.

  • Give an example of a completely ectothermic mammal as well as 2 other facts that make it different from other mammals (hint: did you use to watch Kim Possible?). Cite your reference/s.
  • Play Pandemic 2 and Bacteria Tower Defense and send me screencaps of your wins (via email: toledo98@yahoo.com).
  • Complete the muscle jigsaw here and send me a screencap (via email: toledo98@yahoo.com). You can choose either the male or female muscles.