[Bio 2] Special project

Special Project for Bio 2 Students – Questions/clarifications will be addressed in class next week.

Special Project: Quantifying the Amount of Glucose in a Potato (aka The Potato Project!)


  1. Develop scientific investigative abilities of students given a single problem.
  2. Harness cooperation and leadership skills among the members of the group.
  3. Foster the ability to apply modifications if protocols do not work as expected.


  • A potato
  • Apparatus and materials from the protocol to be used by the group


  1. The class will be divided into five groups with six members each. The groups can consist of the members of the previous Mythbusters grouping (or not).
  2. The group will research on a protocol on how to quantify the amount of glucose found in a single potato. The protocol will be passed to their bio teacher a week after this activity was received. The protocol should include all the materials needed, duration of the experiment and the steps of the protocol.  References should be written in APA format.
  3. The group should inform the teacher of the time they will conduct their experiment to help in their preparation and experimentation. This is an independent study; experiments should be done during free time.
  4. The experiment proper should be documented and will be included in the final output, a power point presentation that should be able to explain the various steps that were undertaken to solve the problem. The presentation should follow the guidelines of a proper presentation.
  5. Presentation should include the following:

I.            Title

II.            Introduction

III.            Methods

IV.            Results

V.            Discussion (includes the possible errors done in the protocol, comparison of the result to the theoretical value of the variable being tested, limitation of protocol used, practicality/economy of the protocol used)

VI.            References

  1. Deadline of submission of presentation is on March 7, 2011. This includes a copy of the slip of materials from the lab room that group borrowed as a proof that the experiment was done by the group.
  2. This activity is worth 50 pts. Bonus points will be given for those who will pass in advance for both the protocol and presentation.

Scoring guide:

10 pts protocol

2 pts for title, 5 pts clear step by step procedure, 1 pt organization, 2 pts reference

40 pts presentation

5 pts orderliness of presentation

5 pts visuals

5 pts references

15 pts content and organization of report



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