[Bio2] Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection

We’re having this on the Tuesday (Mar 15th) after the Perio.

  • Cs will do it at 730-830AM,
  • Li at 830-930AM,
  • Mg at 930-1030AM,
  • Na at 1030-1130AM.

Let me know if you have problems with the schedule.

Per group, kindly prepare:

  • 1 live frog or toad (can be obtained from UP NSRI @ around PhP50-70/frog) — please submit these to me on the morning of dissection day
  • gloves (if you’re squeamish)
  • soap
  • alcohol

As part of the prelab activity, please check out this virtual frog dissection link that will show you how it’s done. You can download the prelab sheet and procedure here. If you have any ethical or personal concerns regarding any part of frog dissection: the use of live frogs, pithing (see second definition), etc., please leave a comment so we can plan around them.


[Bio2] End of quarter reflections

Of the topics discussed this quarter:

  1. What is your favorite/least favorite? Why?
  2. Were any misconceptions cleared?
  3. Were you able to apply any of these? How?
  4. Do you have further questions/clarifications?
  5. Recent discovery related to the topics this quarter + reference.
  6. This year, what is the one thing you learned from class that you will not forget (may be non-academic)?

[Bio2] Some flash animations to help you review

Skeletal system

Nervous system

Plant hormones

Endocrine system

Reproductive system (not included in LT, but included in the perio)