Important announcements for next week (4-8 July)

Guide questions for the lab activity may be found here. Thanks, Be’13! This is due one week after the completed lab activity. You may computerize or handwrite this on a sheet of short bond paper.

The digestive system HW (due on the first meeting of next week) may be found here. Also be on the alert for a quiz on tissues this week. 😀

The first Mythbusters proposal is due on Friday next week (July 8th).
A mythbusters team is composed of 6 members from within your section (you can choose your own team members).
Include the following information in your proposal:
  • Names of team members
  • Creative title
  • Myth/notion to be proven or debunked (must be related to either the digestive/circulatory/plant transport systems)
  • Scientific basis/procedures/processes to be used in testing the notion (experiment? demonstration? literature survey? interview with an expert?
  • 3 reliable references (scientific journals, printed materials)
  • Chosen medium (video/animation/presentation/poster/website)
You are encouraged to submit early. No two teams can have the same topic!
Some links that could give you ideas:
  1. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Digestion
  2. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Obesity
  3. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth
  4. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Fat
  5. (Food)
  6. Top 10 Nutrition Myths
  7. MedicineNet’s slideshow on digestive diseases
  8. What color is blood? A video documentary
  9. A hodgepodge of common misconceptions
  10.’s medical misconceptions

Previous projects


Flash games to play on this rainy weekend

Some flash games that are related to the “bigger is better” concept of multicellularity:

  1. Flow
  2. Evolution squared
This flash game is related to the role of structure in natural selection.
And for those who like graphic novels and need a refresher course on evolution, check this out. Stay safe and dry!

Presentation 3 – Plant and Animal Tissues and a Pre-lab Activity

Check the Downloads tab for the .pptx of the presentation and a .doc file of the pre-lab activity. The pre-lab will be accomplished by group and is due on the last meeting next week.


Presentation 2 – Evolution of Multicellularity and the Volvocine Series

Also available at the Downloads tab.


Presentation 1 on Levels of Organization and Emergent Properties

Also available in the Downloads section.


The evolution of multicellularity and the volvocine series

  1. Multicellularity, life’s greatest “invention”
  2. Nature education discussion on multicellularity and the volvocine series (a bit technical)
  3. Evidence that multicellularity has been around for more than 2 billion years