Sites and tips for today’s computer-aided activity

Part A:

Guide to filling up the table

  • Path of bloodflow — Look at the animation and trace the flow through the organs. In some circulatory systems, blood is pumped from the heart to the lungs and goes back to the heart before being pumped to the other organs of the body. This is called double circulation.
  • Type of circulation — Click on the “Heart detail.” In single circulation, the heart only receives one type of blood in one chamber and pumps it out. In double circulation, hearts with 2 atria receive blood from 2 different locations and pump them out.
  • Blood mixing — You will see if blood mixes in the heart if the colors of the blood change (i.e. turn purple) upon entering the ventricle.
  • Heart detail — Just write down how many atria and ventricles each heart would have.
  • Other notes — This space is for other interesting facts you may have read while doing the activity.

Part B:

  • You know that the chambers are in systole if the walls fold in and the chamber becomes narrower due to the contractions. They are in diastole if they expand and go back to their original size.

End of Quarter Reflections

You may write this in your NB’s or send me an email with the answers. These are on 1030AM, Monday, August 8th, after the Bio Perio at SHB 111.

  1. What was your favorite topic? Why?
  2. Which concepts were you able to appreciate/apply?
  3. Did you have any misconceptions that were corrected this quarter?
  4. Do you have any questions on the topics discussed?
  5. [Bonus] Share a recent discovery related to the topics discussed this quarter. Cite your reference (just the URL’s will be fine).