Important dates and announcements

  • Oct 3/4 – Immune System Presentations
  • Oct 13/14 – Looong Test (from Vertebrate Circulation til the Immune System)
  • Oct 15 – Mythbusters Project Submission (upload and send me the links :D)
Our bonus recitation activity for the Immune System is to play Pandemic 2 and Bacteria Tower Defense and send me screencaps of your wins. You get +3 each. These are both in the PSHS graylist.

Immune System Team Activity


(one team is composed of 2 or 4 lab groups, details in the Downloads section)

  1. Create a 5-10 minute presentation that will satisfactorily explain the assigned concepts by relating these with a non-biological defense scenario (computer games, fantasy/real wars, etc.).
  2. This may take any form except for straight-out reporting. You can use storytelling, comic strips, skits, and games. You may involve the whole class in your presentation.
  3. Presentations will be done on the last meeting of next week (or during a make-up period if your last meeting falls on Sept 30). Prepare a five-question quiz and submit it on the day of the presentation.
  4. This will be graded according to the following rubric: content and accuracy – 20 points, creativity – 6 points, groupwork – 4 points for a total of 30 points of your class activities grade.

Some links that may serve as inspiration:

An Overview of the Immune System

Cs2012’s 1st Line of Defense Presentation

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Some announcements

The group (by 3’s) respiration HW (due on the first meeting of next week) may be found here. Also be on the alert for a quiz on human circulation this week. 😀

The second Mythbusters proposal is due on Friday next week (September 16th). A mythbusters team is composed of 6 members from within your section (you can choose your own team members). Include the following information in your proposal:

  1. Names of team members
  2. Creative title
  3. Myth/notion to be proven or debunked (must be related to either the digestive/circulatory/plant transport systems)
  4. Scientific basis/procedures/processes to be used in testing the notion (experiment? demonstration? literature survey? interview with an expert?
  5. 3 reliable references (scientific journals, printed materials)
  6. Chosen medium (video/animation/presentation/poster/website)

Due to popular demand, BeLiKNa will have a joint Mythbusters screening at the ASTB AVR this Friday starting from the first UB onwards. You are all invited to attend. 😀