Some announcements

The group (by 3’s) respiration HW (due on the first meeting of next week) may be found here. Also be on the alert for a quiz on human circulation this week. 😀

The second Mythbusters proposal is due on Friday next week (September 16th). A mythbusters team is composed of 6 members from within your section (you can choose your own team members). Include the following information in your proposal:

  1. Names of team members
  2. Creative title
  3. Myth/notion to be proven or debunked (must be related to either the digestive/circulatory/plant transport systems)
  4. Scientific basis/procedures/processes to be used in testing the notion (experiment? demonstration? literature survey? interview with an expert?
  5. 3 reliable references (scientific journals, printed materials)
  6. Chosen medium (video/animation/presentation/poster/website)

Due to popular demand, BeLiKNa will have a joint Mythbusters screening at the ASTB AVR this Friday starting from the first UB onwards. You are all invited to attend. 😀


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