[Bio1] A Day in the Life Group Activity for Monday, 6/25

PART A. “A Day in the Life”

Adaptations of Living Organisms in Different Biomes

  • Create and present a 3-5 minute skit portraying the adaptations of AT LEAST ONE PLANT AND ONE ANIMAL to the abiotic conditions of your assigned biome.
  • Your skit need not be complicated; you may even read your lines or go ad lib. You will be graded based on the content of your presentation (i.e., the adaptations that you choose to portray).
  • Creativity and good-natured humor are encouraged, and may earn you bonus points.
  • Sequence of presentations will be determined by drawing lots at the start of the period tomorrow.
  • Before you present, submit a 2-3 sentence write-up about your presentation on ½-crosswise with the names of the group members and your section.
  • Reference: Biology by Miller and Levine – Dragonfly version: pp. 100-112; Elephant version: pp. 1010-1020
  • Biome Assignment:
  1. Tropical rainforest
  2. Desert
  3. Temperate grassland
  4. Tundra
  5. Freshwater ecosystem
  6. Marine ecosystem
  • Rubrics for Evaluation in handout distributed to the groups


As a group, please fill out the sheet of paper on the characteristics of your assigned biome. This will be submitted on Monday as well.

See you all at the grandstand for your presentations!


Resource: Link to the succession animation I showed in class. Click on the tabs to navigate.


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