[Bio1] Computer-aided activity on Evolution and Natural Selection

First announcement: Bio1 LT2 is scheduled for Thursday/Friday next week. Please let me know tomorrow if your class would prefer Thursday or Friday.

Part I of activity

Click on the link to access the online form (also shown below) which will be the output for this portion of the activity and follow the instructions on the form. You have to complete this form this meeting!

Part II of activity

Use this link as your major reference in filling up the table on the development of evolutionary thought. If you are unable to complete this during the session, you can take home the work and submit it on Tuesday next week (7/24).

Remember to use common sense and raise your hand if you have any questions. 🙂

Links to simulations shown in class:

  1. Jellyfish like critters against a yellow background
  2. Be a bird and an agent of natural selection!
  3. BONUS – Mutate bunnies and add predators
  4. BONUS – Bird preying on pepper moths (click on bird’s eye view)
  5. BONUS – Ants against different backgrounds with genes influencing traits

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