[Bio1] Additional guide questions for Q2 Perio and the Quiz on Classification

Viruses (con’t.)

  • Differentiate between DNA and RNA viruses in terms of how they reproduce inside a cell.
  • Differentiate between the lytic and lysogenic cycles.
  • Give examples of viruses that undergo a)lytic cycle, b)lysogenic cycle, and c)both.
  • Describe what happens during bacterial transduction as well as its implications.
  • Describe theories on how viruses may have evolved.
  • Differentiate between viruses, viroids, virions, and prions.

Classification of Living Organisms

  • What are the characteristics of a good biological system of classification?
  • Differentiate between taxonomy, phylogeny, and systematics.
  • Differentiate between the early concept of species and the biological species concept.
  • What are the conventions that scientists follow in writing scientific names?
  • List the levels of classification of living organisms.
  • Describe the bases used to classify living organisms.
  • What kind of information can you get from a phylogenetic tree and a cladogram?
  • Summarize the characteristics of each of the three domains and six kingdoms of the currently-accepted three-domain system of classification.

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