[Bio1] 4th Quarter Reminders

  1. NBs for those with grades below 1.75 are due at the Bio Unit at 345PM on Mar 6th, Wed. 
  2. PostQuarter for those who missed the LT will be at the Bio Unit at 330PM on Mar 6th, Wed.
  3. Catfish dissection is on Mar 7th, 730-830 for Camia and 1-2 for Champaca, both at SHB111. Bring 1 live catfish per Bio group and labgowns.
  4. Bio FoodFest is on Mar 8th at the 4/F Audi. Bring your assigned dishes as well as utensils and plates.
  5. Other clearance requirements will be posted on the Bio bulletin board and will include clean-up of SHB109 and rehabilitation of the Dragonfly books.
  6. EoQRs are required for all. Please fill up the form below. Deadline is on March 11th, Mon.

7. For bonus recitation points: Create 3-5 origami animals from different taxonomic classes and sign these with your name. Show these to me on the day of the FoodFest to redeem your bonus points. (possible reference, or just google name of animal + origami) 1 animal=3 bonus points


[Bio1] Guide Questions for the First Long Test (4th Quarter)

Funguslike Protists

  • Describe the characteristics of funguslike protists.
  • Name the three phyla of funguslike protists and differentiate them from each other in terms of structures and stages in their life cycles.
  • Discuss the importance of funguslike protists.

Kingdom Fungi

  • Describe the characteristics of fungi.
  • Draw a typical fungus and describe the hyphae, mycelium, and fruiting body.
  • Describe the sexual and asexual modes of reproduction of fungi.
  • Name the four taxa under Kingdom Fungi and differentiate them in terms of their structures and stages in their life cycles.
  • What is the basis for classifying the fungi under different taxa?
  • Discuss the importance of fungi.


  • Describe the characteristics of animal-like protists.
  • Name the four phyla under protozoa and give the basis for these classifications.
  • Differentiate among the four phyla in terms of important characteristics, special structures, reproduction, and ecology.