[Bio3] Computer-aided activity for 6/20 and 6/21

Like the cell cycle, this activity is an ordered series of events. Please proceed sequentially. Also like the cell cycle, this activity will have checkpoints that have to be fulfilled before moving on to the next activity. 🙂

  1. Please work in pairs. Make sure that you have SW1 on the Cell Cycle (the one with checkpoints) and writing materials. You will be answering it and passing it at the end of the period. Observe proper decorum in the library.
  2. View the animation on the control of the cell cycle. Take the 5-item quiz on the same page until you get a perfect score. Raise your hand to show me your perfect score.
  3. Complete your Cell Cycle Worksheet by noting down the control exerted information found in this image. Raise your hand to show me the completed worksheet.
  4. Use the information gained to complete this game. View the short film at the end to see actual cell division taking place. Pass your cell cycle worksheet to the teacher when you’re done and receive the next activity sheet.
  5. Use any reputable internet resource to answer the activity sheet. Submit it when you and your partner are finished.

Congratulations! You are finished with today’s activity.