[Bio3] Announcements for the Second Periodic Exam

•Bio 2 Perio Coverage
–Nonmendelian genetics
•Polygenic inheritance
•Sex-related inheritance
–Pedigree analysis
–Karyotyping and chromosomal abnormalities
•Answer EoQR survey on the blogsite (due 12NN 10/30)
•Additional opportunities for recitation will be posted on the blogsite or edmodo
You can download questions used in the reci activity here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dw1hiphnlc4wm1a/2nd%20Quarter%20Bio3%20Perio%20Questions%20for%20Review.pdf
•Notebooks for those with grades of 2.0 and below due after the Periodic Exam at SHB 109
•Those with missed LTs, postquarter will be at SHB111 after the Periodic Exam

[Bio3] LT2 Second Quarter


Wednesday (10/16) at 340-430 for Gluon

Thursday (10/17) for Graviton and Electron

Friday (10/18) for Charm


  1. Pedigree analysis
  2. Chromosomal aberrations
  3. Biomolecules

Do not memorize the structures (UNDERSTAND!). I will not be asking you to draw any structures. I will provide the structures and ask questions about it. Review handouts (these are as good as guide questions) and links/presentations available in the Bio3 Downloads tab or on Edmodo. Don’t hesitate to consult with me during your free time if you have any questions. I will be at ASTB203.