[Bio1] Guide Questions for the PracTest and LT1

Guide Questions for BeCsLi
Resources may be accessed at bayo2pisay.wordpress.com/bio1/

Practical Test
You must be able to:
1. identify commonly-used parts of the microscope
2. determine the overall magnification of a specimen
3. determine scanner/LPO/HPO field diameter
4. convert mm to micrometers
5. store a microscope correctly
6. focus on a specimen using correct techniques
7. differentiate between plant tissues and animal tissues
8. view a tissue and classify it according to its general tissue type and give its location/function

Long Test 1
1. How are prokaryotes different from eukaryotes?
2. How did eukaryotes evolve from prokaryotic ancestors (endosymbiont theory)?
3. What are protists?
4. How would you differentiate between plant, animal, and fungus-like protists?
5. How did multicellular forms evolve from unicellular ones (Volvocine series)?
6. What are some trends in the evolution of multicellularity?
7. What are the advantages/disadvantages of multicellularity?
8. What are tissues?
9. Differentiate between plant and animal tissues based on structure/location/function.


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