[Bio1 and Bio3] End of quarter reflections for the second quarter and announcements

Sorry for the delay! Been experiencing problems with gmail account. Thanks for your patience and understanding. It has really meant a lot throughout this difficult recovery period. The form will be online until Nov2, 12MN. The sooner you submit, the sooner you can get your partial grades through the email addresses provided.

Final deadline for unsubmitted SWs or resubmissions is Oct 30, 430PM at the Bio Unit. Please put in my pigeonhole.

Bio1 post quarter exams (for those who missed long tests) will be tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28. 4pm at SHB 111.

For the Bio1 portfolio, final deadline is Nov 3, 12 NN at the Bio unit. For those submitting digital files, you may email them to dtcrisologo@pshs.edu.ph. Please use “Bio1 portfolio submission” as your subject line and use your section, CN and surname as the filename (e.g. K18-Crisologo.pdf). As with previous Bio1 portfolio, please present in any creative manner what you’ve learned/appreciated about any of our lessons this quarter. You will be graded on

  1. Content – accuracy, completeness (30%)
  2. Creativity – aesthetics, design (30%)
  3. Relevance – related to topics taken up this quarter (10%)
  4. Personal input – personal touch (30%)

You may also access the link by clicking here.


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